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YEAH we are.
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Welcome to our life. We are 3 of the most fascinating girls, as a wise woman once said, "I'd be very interesting to watch.(SN)" Because tonight was kind of a downer, we decided that we're just too cool (hence, YEAH we are) and had to share some of our favorite memories and good times with YOU, our faithful viewer. Enjoy, we consider this site to be EXTREMELY humorous, it pleases us immensely. And please, have a light heart when regarding the pictures - they're not meant to harm any parties involved. PS. COPYRIGHT c. 2001.

Feel free to peruse our website - we have included many pictures of our friends - wait do we have friends? (probably not after this) HAHAHA. Aw geez. This is just great.

"Don't be afraid...


...come on in"

3 fun girls out to have a good time

And if you don't like it: